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About Us

Since 1992 OARSOME TROPHIES (formally Rating 28) has been supplying quality rowing trophies to the rowing fraternity worldwide.

In a sport which is very demanding on the body and very time consuming, there is a lack of rowing trophies for the consumer to choose from. OARSOME TROPHIES covers this very niche market by making a specialized rowing trophy specifically made to remember the efforts of a rower. OARSOME TROPHIES is one of only a few companies in the world that makes a specialized rowing trophy.

The business started in Victoria, Australia in 1992 when a gap in the market was identified for a rowing specific trophy. After many hours of design and input from different resources the OARSOME miniature oar was born. Since that time the OARSOME miniature oar has been developed into different products to suit any customerís budget or need.

Since 2003 the OARSOME TROPHIES business relocated from Victoria to New South Wales where it stayed for the 8 years before settling in its current location on the Gold Coast in sunny Queensland, Australia. This is where we continue to develop new products as well as uphold tradition, quality and reliability that our customers deserve. These oars continue to be sold all over the world to schools, clubs, universities, colleges and other rowing organizations.

Rowers strongly identify with the Oarsome Trophies oar as it uniquely symbolizes the sport of Rowing.

Win, loose or draw, every rower deserves a reward for their efforts!